I just took two classes to learn an amazing Therapy called NRT – Neural Reset Therapy. It was incredible. It has made a profound difference for my clients who come for continuing challenges (ex: hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches). It is not a massage technique; there is no massaging, no creams or lotions, no deep pressure, and it is done fully clothed. It is gentle and non-intrusive, yet resets the deepest muscles.

One of my clients is a hair stylist. She came in for a regular session and happened to mention that her thumb was hurting, “but I know you can’t do anything about it”. I did NRT on her thumb, and the pain was gone. I texted her after about 4 days and she said, “Thumb never bothered me again!” I texted one more time after about 5 weeks and asked how long the pain stayed away. She texted, “That pain never came back.”

When I took the NRT class for the lower body, I could reach my toes (which is unusual for me). I kept testing my flexibility each week (and this was without any exercise or continued stretching to keep things mobile and pliable), and the results lasted longer than 8 weeks. It was same when I took the upper body portion of the Neural Reset Therapy Courses.

WHAT IS NRT ? (Neural Reset Therapy)

*”Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) is derived from the work of two great scientists, Sherrington and Pfluger, who investigated the nervous system over a century ago to uncover its basic operating laws. The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition and the Law of Symmetry has mostly remained in the laboratory until now. NRT is a practical, rapid and reliable way to apply these laws of physiology with this advanced form of manual therapy.

Muscles are controlled by the nervous system. Proper application of Neural Reset Therapy resets the nervous system to release a muscle from excessive tension. With the release, the knots, pain and tightness are gone. Joint mobility and posture are improved.”


*”In your body there are specialized nerve bundles called mechanoreceptors. The receptors respond to pressure, velocity, vibration, stretch and other forces. When receptors detect a change, a signal is sent to the spinal cord and then relayed to the brain.

With NRT, the therapist briefly stimulates the receptors embedded in the selected muscle by asking for a position to be held or for a movement in a particular direction. Or the therapist taps on a muscle in such a way as to cause receptors to send a special message to the spinal cord. That new message goes through the spinal integrating center which will reset the nervous system so the muscle is optimized neurologically. With the muscular reset, the muscle tightness and pain disappear in seconds.”

* Pamphlet from neuralreset.net

NRT made a big difference in my body, and it is making a large difference in the bodies of my clients.

For a free 10 minute demonstration, contact me at (602) 809-9355 to set up an appointment.

Facelift Massage

Facelift Massage? Yeah, right…

I was a sceptic. And then I saw it in person. Talk about one’s chin hitting the floor!
The instructor performed the massage techniques to the right side only of her face. When she sat up I was AMAZED. Sure enough, her right side was “lifted”. The eye was higher, the skin on the neck and jaw line were tighter, the wrinkles were less, dark circles are lighter and puffy eyes are less puffy. It was incredible. An all natural facelift! And the best part for me (as the recipient) was how wonderfully soothing it is.

This facelift massage takes about 75-90 minutes. All work is done on the face and neck. The instructor of this class mentioned again and again that the facelift was just an awesome perk – that this massage modality is very lymphatic, excellent for healing headaches, TMJ, sinuses… And it is true. The facelift is just a perk, but what a perk!

No client has ever NOT had results. The amount of “lift” depends of the age, skin type, skin health of the individual, of course. But there is always change. Always.

One of my clients told me that when she walked the door her two daughters noticed right away that her face looked “so good”. They went out to dinner, and she said that her daughters kept telling her that her face kept changing and looking better and better.

I gave my mom a treatment for Mother’s Day, and she took a three hour nap that afternoon and said “I slept SO hard!”

My Aunt said, “Oh, just to have my face touched for an hour and a half sounds so wonderful.” (Oh, my it sure is!)

For me, I like to see the puffiness underneath my eyes disappear, and the little bit of darkness lighten. Aw heck, who am I kidding? I like it ALL! I love that my skin looks healthier, that my jaw line and the skin on my neck are tighter — that I have a facelift. But, equally important is the amount of deep, deep relaxation I have during the treatment (I woke myself up snoring more than once), and that I carry with me all day and into my sleep that night. I also feel less “tightness” in my head, my jaw is always released, and my sinuses improve. It is lovely. Just lovely. I float out of the room…

The instructor says that it should be performed once a month to keep the facelift.
$105.00 is pretty inexpensive for a facelift. And it improves my health simultaneously.
I’m a believer.

I would love for you to come and experience this. I always do just one side first so that we can look at the differences – it is so fun! The body is incredible.

Well Wishes Always,


In February, I took a 4 day certification in what is called Cranial Release Technique. (CRT) It is SO AMAZING.

I am now one of 500 people in the United States certified in this modality.

I decided to become certified in Cranial Release Technique for several reasons. First, I witnessed in person, what this 2 – 5 minute technique did to another person’s body. He went from crooked to straight. It almost seemed impossible – but I was there! I saw it!

Second, the Cranial Release Technique instructor gave me a free treatment. After being on the table for about 2 minutes, my hips were back in alignment, my Achilles tendons and deep hip rotators had become malleable and more flexible, my posture was more upright, shoulders straight and back, my peripheral vision had increased, my immune system was reset, my digestion started to move (!), and I had this feeling of lightness and elation. What I noticed over the next two weeks was that I didn’t get my regularly scheduled hormone headaches. That lasted for about a month, and then I found someone to give me CRT weekly. Goodbye regular headaches. And my jaw is so much less tight. There is more, but I don’t want to bore you… ūüôā

Third, the testimonials of people who were receiving (CRT), and the success stories of the Practitioners were mind-boggling. There were the expected stories of healing in the body (headaches, back aches, anxiety, depression, sinuses, TMJ, etc.) One Practitioner, here in Phoenix, shared about her experience of working with an Autistic 4 year old boy, who after receiving Cranial Release Technique regularly, is now 6 years of age, off the Autistic scale and in the regular education classroom.

A baby born in Florida (related to the instructor) was born with a very rare condition called deGeorge’s Syndrome. He was born without a Thymus, and had NO immune function. There was nothing that could be done for the baby, and the parents were informed of his imminent death. The baby received regular and frequent Cranial Release Technique from 3 months to 9 months of age. He is now about 9 years old, and healthy. Is your jaw hanging open? Mine was.

Finally, Cranial Release Technique (CRT) takes all of five minutes. This would enable me to help people who just cannot find the time to come in for 30, 60, 90 minutes. Also, for those who are under financial constraints, the charge can be extremely affordable, and sliding fees a definite possibility, making it possible for me to help ANYONE who wants/needs help.

I have been practicing Cranial Release Technique since the end of February at my office. Some clients come only for the “5 Minute Miracle”, and others have it added to their normal sessions. I am finding it to be a very powerful, beautiful, wonderful addition to my practice.

I would love for you to come give it a try. Here are a few quotes from my clients who have received CRT:

“I slept like someone gave me a tranquilizer.”

“The first time I got CRT, I thought, ‘There’s another way to live.'”

“Whatever that neck stretch thing was, I want you to do it every time. It was amazing.”

“How is that possible?” (Regarding the changes in his peripheral vision.)

“Oh, my gosh, my ears are even!” (One had been higher than the other before treatment.)

“That was amazing…”

And guess what else. Deepok Chopra recommends Cranial Release Technique and gets it for himself regularly. Check him out on the website below if you are interested.

Be well,


If you would like more detailed information and videos, please go to www.cranialrelease.com

Knot Happy?

Knot Happy?


Bodywork can help.



Sound Healing

“Sound alters our biochemistry.”


Have you ever noticed how different types of music evoke different feelings/moods? When I hear soft massage-type music, I calm and slow. When I want to do housework, I play up-beat music that energizes me. Sad songs can make me cry. Having said that, I have these wonderful tuning forks that I use in sessions sometimes. I bought them because of the immediate relaxation I felt in my whole body when I tried them. I just couldn’t leave the store without them (for myself and my clients!).


They claim to:

– reduce stress

– increase blood flow

– enhance mental clarity

– improve immune response


There are two kinds of tuning forks. One set have just sound (I think the keys of C and E), and the others have sound (the sound of¬† ‘ohm’) and they vibrate the tissue (bone or muscle).¬† It feels SO good on the head – especially if one has headaches.


My tuning forks are made by BioSonics. You can learn more at BioSonics.com. My little booklet says, “BioSonics tuning forks are sound healing tools used to alter the biochemistry of your body. By bringing your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance, our tuning forks rhythmically align to your body’s natural state. Once you bring your body back to its natural rhythm, you can maintain a state of optimal health and enjoy all the resulting benefits.”


‘Sounds’ good to me!!!


If you are one of my clients, and I have not used these in your sessions and you would like to experience them, let me know. They are loved by many.


Time to go dance to the happy music playing in the living room! Adios.

Cranial Sacral News

Last week, all on the same day I believe, 3 different clients mentioned what cranial sacral therapy has done for them. I was in awe of their successes.


One client has dealt with sinus trouble her whole life. She is in her 30’s now. She has taken up to 3 sinus medications at a time to try to help herself. She started getting regular weekly cranial and massage sessions, then eased to every 2 weeks, and then once a month. She told me that she went through this past sinus season (Spring 2012) without ANY medication, and rarely noticed her sinuses at all.¬† She only thought about it when others were complaining about their sinuses. She took NO SINUS MEDICATION this year.¬† I was amazed. Still am. Still am…


The second client said that the cranial sacral therapy “made my panic attacks go away.”¬† Again, I was pleased and almost floored. I know that this is a powerful modality, and I know it is helping people, but until I ask or share a success story, I don’t tend to hear these details.


The third person said that she sleeps better. “Whenever you work on me, I sleep through the night.” For someone who struggles with sleeping, to sleep through the night is a priceless gift.

It is important to note that these people have gotten regular treatments, beginning at least weekly, and  continuing. It takes awhile to get to the places we find ourselves, and it takes awhile to undo it. But, WOW! Such a feeling of hope and possibility rises up in me with these stories.

I LOVE Cranial Sacral Therapy!


Any thoughts? Would love for any questions or comments…

cardiac thought

I have been reading a 3 part series called “Freeing the Heart“. ¬†The first two parts talked about physically freeing the space around the heart resulting in greater cardiac output which, among other benefits with breathing and the lungs, enhances the efficiency of the venous (veins) and lymphatic return back to the heart.

The third part concentrated on “elongating the esophagus”, which proposes that elongating the esophageal tube can contribute to freeing the heart.

The esophagus can shorten due to any type of cervical (neck) whiplash. Symptoms can lie dormant for years, yet creating resistance to the heart’s expansion, as well as influencing the onset of¬†hiatal hernia, acid reflux and chronic heart burn.

One of my clients has severe COPD. He had a noticeable difference in his heart-rate (lower) for longer periods of time which he exercises on the treadmill because of receiving weekly massage. He also has found that exercise after massage is simply easier.

If you have an interest in reading the article you can find it at www.massagetoday.com in January, February and March 2012. Enjoy. I did.

I read an article recently in Massage Magazine (masagemag.com) that talks about how touch can help people battling cancer. It says:

“Pain associated with advanced cancer can cause physical and emotional stress, leading to decreased functional ability and quality of life.”¬† Massage helps by inducing a relaxation response in the body; increasing the circulation of lymph and blood; having analgesic effects; decreasing inflammation and edema; releasing¬†muscle spasms; increasing endogenous endorphon release; and “competing sensory stimuli that override pain signals.”

I have had the opportunity to help two cancer patients with their pain.  I was so grateful to be able to do something to help. It was, truly, my honor to serve them.  Bless you both.  You know who you are.

96 years

I have a client who is 96 years old. She is amazing! I had the privilege¬†of giving her her very first massage at age 93. I commend her open mindedness and willingness to try new things to heal and feel better. In the process, she has become a dear friend, and I have live history lessons every time I see her. If you don’t have a friend who is 90+ years old, I recommend getting one. It is a blessing and a blast.

A New Beginning

I am so excited to share with you all the miracles, big and small, I witness on a daily basis. ¬† Many people think of massage therapy like they think of physical therapy. ¬†And that is certainly a legitimate service: helping others to feel physically better. ¬†And since the body and mind are so connected, physical relief affects a person’s whole being in ways neither I nor anyone else can completely explain.

Day by day I witness and experience, let’s call them “events”, that are life affirming and give me hope. I’d like to share these experiences with you…here.

And I’d like to invite you to share your experiences with me. You are heartily encouraged to comment on any of my “thought” postings. ¬†And, if you feel so led, you can share¬†a positive experience of our time together and how it has benefited you to be posted¬†in the reviews section.

Thank you so much for coming here.