This course was designed to teach the student Russian Sports Massage techniques developed and refined in the former Soviet Union as part of an overall approach to sports training. It has a specific set of rules that are followed. For example, one rule is that the massage always follows the flow of lymph. Another, that the therapist is to keep an even rhythm, speed and pressure during strokes. There is a correct order of strokes, and it is followed exactly.

I use tecniques from this course and incorporated them into a therapeutic session.  I am happy to give a strict Russian Sports Massage when requested, however it doesn’t allow me the freedom to follow any guidance I get about the individual  in the session. 

Although massage cannot help but be relaxing and helpful for the central nervous system, Russian Sports Massage feels to me like faster, more up-beat session. I have some great techniques thanks to this course.

Please request ahead of time, so that I can review the exact order of strokes.  Thank you!

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