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My massage clients from around Phoenix offer their reviews (success stories). I am so grateful!

But before giving you the opinions of others, I wanted to let you know I receive weekly massage treatments too, and, as a result, my immunity has grown much stronger, and my general sense of inner peace has become more lasting. I consider regular massage my medical insurance, and my physical retirement plan, because what I do today to and for my body is having a direct effect on my life in 10, 20, 30+ years.

Now here’s what others think:

  1. My significant other is a long-time devoted Marie London massage client who had given me a gift certificate nearly a year ago as a present. I had only had one superficial massage in my life and I was not impessed. I am very active and had developed an inflamed muscle in my neck that was so severe that I had not slept in 4 nights.
    I spent one hour with Marie and within 48 hours I was able to sleep through the night! She explained the many benefits of therapy massage and I am now a believer!
    If I have issues in the future, I will not hesitate to schedule a massage session Marie. She is understanding, soothing, very knowledgable and professional.
    G. Russell (11-19-2013)

    G. Russell
  2. After my first massage with Marie, I felt like Marie had restored a sense of well being that I didn’t even realize was missing. I felt tranquility, serenity, peace, and joy. Marie treats my whole family including my three children who started going to her at age 12, 17, and 20. My children all benefit from Marie’s competent, soothing hands as well as her calming nature. Marie’s gentle and kind demeanor is such that she makes everyone feel comfortable, nurtured, and cared for. Marie is very skilled at zoning in to the needs of each individual family member. My children all come out rejuvenated and feeling good. Everyone should know what good feels like. It is hard to put into words the restorative magic that Marie is capable of.

  3. I serendipitously met Marie two years ago while I was sick with mono. I had spent the summer feeling very sick and fatigued. Through massage and cranial sacral therapy with Marie, I started to feel much better. Her massage, cranial sacral therapy, and other well being tips helped restore my immune system by the end of the summer. Since then I have continued to return to Marie both for relaxing treatments and for help with TMD/TMJ.

    On top of doing a wonderful job with massages and cranial sacral therapy, Marie’s presence creates a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Marie is very thoughtful and I always enjoy talking to her about her techniques, my life, and the intersection between the two. I always love seeing Marie!

    E. Irving
  4. ‘Marie has been my massage therapist for the past four or five years. What I really like is that she tailors my session to my body’s needs at that particular time. She has a soothing presence and intuitive skill that lend themselves to the art of massage and cranial sacral therapy. She has a passion for what she does and continually works on learning more and enhancing her repertoire of skills. I highly recommend her.
    ~Jessica Ahl, L. Ac., MSOM, B.S.Ed.

    Jessica Ahl
  5. Sidra – like a star

    Marie London has hands that free the body to live its miracles. Without exaggeration, I can say that the work that she did for our infant daughter made her life possible. We welcomed our daughter into the world with gratitude to her brave and loving birthmother whose own body carried enough pain that it was passed on to the baby she entrusted to our care. Any pregnancy and birth carries a unique trauma history that the body of both mother and child hold unless someone like Marie is able to assist them to release it. We knew at the onset that our daughter would need to remain at the hospital and the doctors prepared us for a stay of three to six weeks of struggle and pain. Marie committed to working with our daughter on an on-call basis as soon as she understood what this new little person was facing. Cranial sacral work is a non-invasive technique that works at a deep level with the parasympathetic nervous system; effectively Marie engaged our daughter’s own healing potential and so helped her become free of the physical traumas she had incurred on her way onto this world. When nothing else would ease our daughter’s suffering, Marie worked with astonishing intuition and relieved her from headaches, nausea, and acute muscle dystonia; the agony and frustration melted from her features and she was able to rest at each plateau of her healing. Doctors and nurses both commented on her remarkable progress and it rapidly became clear that our daughter was managing to make progress with minimal medical interventions. The head nurse, upon recording one day’s results, asked to sit in on a session because the data showed the incredible potential that any special care infant could gain from this work. Our daughter came home three weeks ahead of schedule and has surpassed expectations for several developmental milestones. It is clear each day that the cranial sacral work that Marie performed graced her with a clean slate, a pain free, trauma-freed beginning to her life. I now consider cranial sacral work a standard of care for all mothers and infants. And, as my husband stated, “Marie’s presence alone works wonders; all the more the gift that she brings such excellent awareness and training to her clients.”

    Heather Noone
  6. While working I tend to get all wound up, rushing around taking care of this, that, and the other thing. In my head I know that if I calm down and relax I’ll not only feel more comfortable, I’ll get just as much work done, and probably with better results. The problem, however, is that I can’t seem to move that realization from my brain to the rest of my body. So the heady anxiousness continues…and continues…and continues…until I lay down on Marie London’s massage table. As her skillful hands work my muscles, the busy, busy thoughts racing through my mind begin to fade, becoming quieter and quieter until they’re all but gone. Where did they go? They moved down into my body, enabling me to finally feel my physical self. I am calm. I am comfortable. Then the hot rocks come on. I move beyond calm and comfortable to feeling downright good. I want to stay there forever.

    When I leave Marie’s office, not only is my entire physical self filled with peace, but I’m in better mental shape. My mind is less cluttered and more focused. I think less but come up with better ideas. I recommend Marie to any anxious person seeking a greater sense of peace and calm with the added bonus of becoming more effective at their job.

    Dave Wilson
  7. I went to Marie with very troubling sciatica. I found comfort my first visit, and received frequent massages for two-months. In addition, Marie gave instructions on how to help my problem at home. Now I get regular massage to keep healthy, and to ‘relax.’ Thank you, Marie!

  8. I can always count on Marie’s treatments to alleviate the chronic pain in my left foot and ankle. They are loose and pain free for days afterward, allowing me to go swing dancing several times each week. I’m also a huge fan of the light touch techniques she uses on my back, shoulders and legs. She always gives my body just what it needs.

    Thanks so much Marie! You literally make me feel like dancing!

    Monique W
  9. Marie-

    Your massage was just what I needed. I’ve been so stressed and it’s been showing in my neck and shoulders and you did an amazing job -as always – at helping relieve the pressure. You create such a great, inviting, relaxing, loving and peaceful space. Thank you so much!!

    Butch L
  10. Marie is an amazing massage therapist! Every massage I’ve had from her has been slightly different…she definitely does not have a set routine, but rather responds to your needs on a case-by-case basis. Her individualized attention and the calm, soothing atmosphere she has created in her office makes for a relaxing, restorative experience every time.

    Kristina D.W.
  11. I travel from Michigan to Arizona once a year and always book a massage with Marie London. This is hands down the best massage ever. I wish Marie lived in Michigan so I could book a massage once a month.

    I always return to Michigan relaxed and ready to get back in the swing of things.

    Thank you Marie!

    J. S. Cullen
  12. I was fortunate enough to meet Marie through a networking group. I was attracted to her kind spirit and positive outlook on life and we instantly became friends. At a meeting one day, I was expressing frustration over the unexpected severe and frequent pain I was experiencing in my jaw due to having to wearing bands on my new orthodontic braces. Marie told me about Cranial Sacral Therapy and suggested that I let her try to help me. I made the appointment and I cannot tell you – to this day, I would swear it was an out-of-body experience. It not only helped to alleviate the jaw pain but I truly felt refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe. I have since had massages with Marie and I have never felt happier. THANK YOU, MARIE!!!!

    April Irish
  13. I have known Marie for many years but as my healing massage therapist for 4 years. She has accompanied me on my 3 year journey for weight loss. Her healing hands have helped me with my strains and pains as I worked out in my gym. She has loosened the toxins from my body and helped it naturally remove the fats. Along with her expertise in massage, her encouranging words have helped me lose 200 pounds! Her professional attitude, recording what she did during each visit, helps us plan each session effectively. She listens to me and after each visit I walk out refreshed and recommitted.
    Muchas Gracias Marie,
    Flora D.

    Flora Dean
  14. I came to Marie depressed and devoid of energy. Within a few treatments, I was already feeling much more like my happy self. I became a regular client and saw many changes in my body, mind and spirit as time progressed. I developed a friendship with her that lasts to this day. Thank you so much Marie!

    John W

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