I just took two classes to learn an amazing Therapy called NRT – Neural Reset Therapy. It was incredible. It has made a profound difference for my clients who come for continuing challenges (ex: hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches). It is not a massage technique; there is no massaging, no creams or lotions, no deep pressure, and it is done fully clothed. It is gentle and non-intrusive, yet resets the deepest muscles.

One of my clients is a hair stylist. She came in for a regular session and happened to mention that her thumb was hurting, “but I know you can’t do anything about it”. I did NRT on her thumb, and the pain was gone. I texted her after about 4 days and she said, “Thumb never bothered me again!” I texted one more time after about 5 weeks and asked how long the pain stayed away. She texted, “That pain never came back.”

When I took the NRT class for the lower body, I could reach my toes (which is unusual for me). I kept testing my flexibility each week (and this was without any exercise or continued stretching to keep things mobile and pliable), and the results lasted longer than 8 weeks. It was same when I took the upper body portion of the Neural Reset Therapy Courses.

WHAT IS NRT ? (Neural Reset Therapy)

*”Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) is derived from the work of two great scientists, Sherrington and Pfluger, who investigated the nervous system over a century ago to uncover its basic operating laws. The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition and the Law of Symmetry has mostly remained in the laboratory until now. NRT is a practical, rapid and reliable way to apply these laws of physiology with this advanced form of manual therapy.

Muscles are controlled by the nervous system. Proper application of Neural Reset Therapy resets the nervous system to release a muscle from excessive tension. With the release, the knots, pain and tightness are gone. Joint mobility and posture are improved.”


*”In your body there are specialized nerve bundles called mechanoreceptors. The receptors respond to pressure, velocity, vibration, stretch and other forces. When receptors detect a change, a signal is sent to the spinal cord and then relayed to the brain.

With NRT, the therapist briefly stimulates the receptors embedded in the selected muscle by asking for a position to be held or for a movement in a particular direction. Or the therapist taps on a muscle in such a way as to cause receptors to send a special message to the spinal cord. That new message goes through the spinal integrating center which will reset the nervous system so the muscle is optimized neurologically. With the muscular reset, the muscle tightness and pain disappear in seconds.”

* Pamphlet from neuralreset.net

NRT made a big difference in my body, and it is making a large difference in the bodies of my clients.

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