Injury Massage

Injury Massage looks for the cause of dysfunction and helps to relieve chronic and acute pain by working on major muscles in segments with specific, deeper techniques to stimulate individual muscle fibers.

Myofascial pain has many origins, like constant overuse of a specific muscle or postural distortion. (Example: a musician holds a certain position, a person who works on a computer holds a certain position, etc. for extended periods of time.) A person with myofascial pain will often be twisting, tilting or rotating in a particular direction and undergo chronic compression due to the muscular imbalance and skeletal deviations. Each deviated segment will adaptively shorten as the body repositions itself while attempting to maintain correct alignment.

Muscles serve as pulleys and bones as levers. When body segments get pulled off in a particular direction by tensional force, opposing muscles get loaded up and have to assume playing the physiological role of bones. The muscles become fatigued, weakening occurs and the nervous system functions in overdrive.  This becomes an endless cycle of pain/stress/tension.

The goal of injury massage (and ALL of my massages) is for the patient to eventually become pain free.  (It takes months, years for the body to get into this type of pain, and will take longer than one session to aid the body in healing.)

I use these techniques in most of my massages, since most people has some type of pain in their bodies that wants to be released, and because they are just so darned good!

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