Facelift Massage

Facelift Massage? Yeah, right…

I was a sceptic. And then I saw it in person. Talk about one’s chin hitting the floor!
The instructor performed the massage techniques to the right side only of her face. When she sat up I was AMAZED. Sure enough, her right side was “lifted”. The eye was higher, the skin on the neck and jaw line were tighter, the wrinkles were less, dark circles are lighter and puffy eyes are less puffy. It was incredible. An all natural facelift! And the best part for me (as the recipient) was how wonderfully soothing it is.

This facelift massage takes about 75-90 minutes. All work is done on the face and neck. The instructor of this class mentioned again and again that the facelift was just an awesome perk – that this massage modality is very lymphatic, excellent for healing headaches, TMJ, sinuses… And it is true. The facelift is just a perk, but what a perk!

No client has ever NOT had results. The amount of “lift” depends of the age, skin type, skin health of the individual, of course. But there is always change. Always.

One of my clients told me that when she walked the door her two daughters noticed right away that her face looked “so good”. They went out to dinner, and she said that her daughters kept telling her that her face kept changing and looking better and better.

I gave my mom a treatment for Mother’s Day, and she took a three hour nap that afternoon and said “I slept SO hard!”

My Aunt said, “Oh, just to have my face touched for an hour and a half sounds so wonderful.” (Oh, my it sure is!)

For me, I like to see the puffiness underneath my eyes disappear, and the little bit of darkness lighten. Aw heck, who am I kidding? I like it ALL! I love that my skin looks healthier, that my jaw line and the skin on my neck are tighter — that I have a facelift. But, equally important is the amount of deep, deep relaxation I have during the treatment (I woke myself up snoring more than once), and that I carry with me all day and into my sleep that night. I also feel less “tightness” in my head, my jaw is always released, and my sinuses improve. It is lovely. Just lovely. I float out of the room…

The instructor says that it should be performed once a month to keep the facelift.
$105.00 is pretty inexpensive for a facelift. And it improves my health simultaneously.
I’m a believer.

I would love for you to come and experience this. I always do just one side first so that we can look at the differences – it is so fun! The body is incredible.

Well Wishes Always,


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