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Last week, all on the same day I believe, 3 different clients mentioned what cranial sacral therapy has done for them. I was in awe of their successes.


One client has dealt with sinus trouble her whole life. She is in her 30’s now. She has taken up to 3 sinus medications at a time to try to help herself. She started getting regular weekly cranial and massage sessions, then eased to every 2 weeks, and then once a month. She told me that she went through this past sinus season (Spring 2012) without ANY medication, and rarely noticed her sinuses at all.  She only thought about it when others were complaining about their sinuses. She took NO SINUS MEDICATION this year.  I was amazed. Still am. Still am…


The second client said that the cranial sacral therapy “made my panic attacks go away.”  Again, I was pleased and almost floored. I know that this is a powerful modality, and I know it is helping people, but until I ask or share a success story, I don’t tend to hear these details.


The third person said that she sleeps better. “Whenever you work on me, I sleep through the night.” For someone who struggles with sleeping, to sleep through the night is a priceless gift.

It is important to note that these people have gotten regular treatments, beginning at least weekly, and  continuing. It takes awhile to get to the places we find ourselves, and it takes awhile to undo it. But, WOW! Such a feeling of hope and possibility rises up in me with these stories.

I LOVE Cranial Sacral Therapy!


Any thoughts? Would love for any questions or comments…

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