In February, I took a 4 day certification in what is called Cranial Release Technique. (CRT) It is SO AMAZING.

I am now one of 500 people in the United States certified in this modality.

I decided to become certified in Cranial Release Technique for several reasons. First, I witnessed in person, what this 2 – 5 minute technique did to another person’s body. He went from crooked to straight. It almost seemed impossible – but I was there! I saw it!

Second, the Cranial Release Technique instructor gave me a free treatment. After being on the table for about 2 minutes, my hips were back in alignment, my Achilles tendons and deep hip rotators had become malleable and more flexible, my posture was more upright, shoulders straight and back, my peripheral vision had increased, my immune system was reset, my digestion started to move (!), and I had this feeling of lightness and elation. What I noticed over the next two weeks was that I didn’t get my regularly scheduled hormone headaches. That lasted for about a month, and then I found someone to give me CRT weekly. Goodbye regular headaches. And my jaw is so much less tight. There is more, but I don’t want to bore you… 🙂

Third, the testimonials of people who were receiving (CRT), and the success stories of the Practitioners were mind-boggling. There were the expected stories of healing in the body (headaches, back aches, anxiety, depression, sinuses, TMJ, etc.) One Practitioner, here in Phoenix, shared about her experience of working with an Autistic 4 year old boy, who after receiving Cranial Release Technique regularly, is now 6 years of age, off the Autistic scale and in the regular education classroom.

A baby born in Florida (related to the instructor) was born with a very rare condition called deGeorge’s Syndrome. He was born without a Thymus, and had NO immune function. There was nothing that could be done for the baby, and the parents were informed of his imminent death. The baby received regular and frequent Cranial Release Technique from 3 months to 9 months of age. He is now about 9 years old, and healthy. Is your jaw hanging open? Mine was.

Finally, Cranial Release Technique (CRT) takes all of five minutes. This would enable me to help people who just cannot find the time to come in for 30, 60, 90 minutes. Also, for those who are under financial constraints, the charge can be extremely affordable, and sliding fees a definite possibility, making it possible for me to help ANYONE who wants/needs help.

I have been practicing Cranial Release Technique since the end of February at my office. Some clients come only for the “5 Minute Miracle”, and others have it added to their normal sessions. I am finding it to be a very powerful, beautiful, wonderful addition to my practice.

I would love for you to come give it a try. Here are a few quotes from my clients who have received CRT:

“I slept like someone gave me a tranquilizer.”

“The first time I got CRT, I thought, ‘There’s another way to live.'”

“Whatever that neck stretch thing was, I want you to do it every time. It was amazing.”

“How is that possible?” (Regarding the changes in his peripheral vision.)

“Oh, my gosh, my ears are even!” (One had been higher than the other before treatment.)

“That was amazing…”

And guess what else. Deepok Chopra recommends Cranial Release Technique and gets it for himself regularly. Check him out on the website below if you are interested.

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