Chair Massage

Also called “seated massage”, this is a massage that is given in a specialized chair that is designed to be taken from location to location. It is usually a short massage, but not always. At conventions, the massages last from 5 -15 minutes, depending on the sponsor. In work environments they can last up to 30 -40 minutes.

Benefits of Receiving Seated/Chair Massage

  • decreases absenteeism from work
  • increases productivity
  • decreases work-related injuries
  • decreases worker compensation fees
  • reduces health costs
  • decreases stress
  • clients feel energized after massage
  • increased circulation of blood and lymph
  • assists in heightening metabolisn
  • increases range of motion
  • decreases muscular pain
  • increases alertness

You may have seen some chair massage in a gym, mall or work environment. Session times vary from 10 – 30 minutes.

The client remains fully clothed and oil/lotion are not typically used. (See below for an exception to this rule.)

I have done a lot of chair/seated massage at conventions and special events. It is a lively atmosphere and I enjoy it a lot.

One time I received a call from a woman who was working with a naturopathic doctor to battle the cancer in her body (massage was part of her recommended treatment). She had a tube that came out of her chest, and wanted massage for her neck and shoulder tension, but needed accomodation with the chair since she could not lay face down. I was so grateful to have a chair to assist this woman in her quest for complete health.

I know of several small businesses that hire a licensed massage therapist to come once a week or every other week to provide chair massage for the workers. Usually the business owner pays the fees, but there are other situations where the workers pay for their own massages. Typical fees are $1.00 per minute.

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