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Facelift Massage

Facelift Massage? Yeah, right… I was a sceptic. And then I saw it in person. Talk about one’s chin hitting the floor! The instructor performed the massage techniques to the right side only of her face. When she sat up I was AMAZED. Sure enough, her right side was “lifted”. The eye was higher, the […]

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Cranial Release Technique

In February, I took a 4 day certification in what is called Cranial Release Technique. (CRT) It is SO AMAZING. I am now one of 500 people in the United States certified in this modality. I decided to become certified in Cranial Release Technique for several reasons. First, I witnessed in person, what this 2 […]

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Sound Healing

“Sound alters our biochemistry.”   Have you ever noticed how different types of music evoke different feelings/moods? When I hear soft massage-type music, I calm and slow. When I want to do housework, I play up-beat music that energizes me. Sad songs can make me cry. Having said that, I have these wonderful tuning forks […]

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Massage and Cancer Patients

I read an article recently in Massage Magazine (masagemag.com) that talks about how touch can help people battling cancer. It says: “Pain associated with advanced cancer can cause physical and emotional stress, leading to decreased functional ability and quality of life.”  Massage helps by inducing a relaxation response in the body; increasing the circulation of lymph and […]

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96 years

I have a client who is 96 years old. She is amazing! I had the privilege of giving her her very first massage at age 93. I commend her open mindedness and willingness to try new things to heal and feel better. In the process, she has become a dear friend, and I have live history […]

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