cardiac thought

I have been reading a 3 part series called “Freeing the Heart“.  The first two parts talked about physically freeing the space around the heart resulting in greater cardiac output which, among other benefits with breathing and the lungs, enhances the efficiency of the venous (veins) and lymphatic return back to the heart.

The third part concentrated on “elongating the esophagus”, which proposes that elongating the esophageal tube can contribute to freeing the heart.

The esophagus can shorten due to any type of cervical (neck) whiplash. Symptoms can lie dormant for years, yet creating resistance to the heart’s expansion, as well as influencing the onset of hiatal hernia, acid reflux and chronic heart burn.

One of my clients has severe COPD. He had a noticeable difference in his heart-rate (lower) for longer periods of time which he exercises on the treadmill because of receiving weekly massage. He also has found that exercise after massage is simply easier.

If you have an interest in reading the article you can find it at in January, February and March 2012. Enjoy. I did.

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