Marie London — Massage Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Offering Healing Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, cupping, gua sha, Cranial Release Technique, Neural Reset Therapy, pregnancy massage, baby massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure & Reflexology at either my Phoenix, AZ location or in your home (“in home massage”). Learn more

Why get a massage? Here’s an astounding excerpt from the book Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra:

“An Ohio University study of heart disease in the 1970’s was conducted by feeding quite toxic, high cholesterol diets to rabbits in order to block their arteries, duplicating the effect that such a diet has on human arteries. Consistent results began to appear in all the rabbit groups except for one, which strangely displayed 60% fewer symptoms. Nothing in the rabbits’ physiology could account for their high tolerance to the diet until it was discovered by accident that the student who was in charge of feeding these particular rabbits liked to fondle and pet them. He would hold each rabbit lovingly for a few minutes before feeding it; astonishingly, this alone seemed to enable the animals to overcome the toxic diet. Repeat experiments, in which one group of rabbits was treated neutrally while the others were loved, came up with similar results.” (Deepak Chopra, M.D.)

Find out more about what a massage can do for your health.

When you arrive for your massage, I will give you personalized attention —  keeping notes of our sessions to aid me in helping you again, should you choose to return.  I offer a safe, relaxing, no-expectations environment where you can have as much or as little control of the session as you’d like.

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